Business Practices

“Pamela…produces effective fundraising and communication materials on time and with seeming ease.”

Sitara Harvey-Cook, Former Executive Director

Service Fees
Fees are billed on an hourly or project basis. For long-term projects, my services can also be reserved with a monthly retainer. I do not work on a commission or contingent fee basis.* I also do not offer or accept referral fees.

Performance Goals
 – To deliver services on time and within budget
– To produce communications and projects that exceed client expectations

My service contract (letter of agreement) includes the promise of confidentiality guaranteeing that all client information and materials remain confidential unless permission is received with a signed release.

Integrity of Content
Every effort is made to insure the integrity and accuracy of written content; plagiarism is never practiced.

Writing Standards
The Chicago Manual of Style and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Unabridged are my primary reference tools. Upon request, I will utilized organizational or industry style sheets provided by the client.

  I support the codes of ethics set forth by the Association of Fund Raising Professionals (AFP) and the Grant Professionals Association (GPA). 

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