Fundraising Letters

“…[Pamela’s] outside perspective and writing have definitely improved the effectiveness of our fundraising communications.”

Robert Karp, Executive Director

In spite of mass marketing and the convenience of email, the power of a genuinely sincere, well-written letter still remains, and is why an appeal letter continues to hold an effective role as a fundraising tool.

The challenge, of course, is to create a/an –

  • Appeal package that is opened
  • Letter that is read, and
  • Message inspiring the reader to give.

Unfortunately, even for the best of us, the creation process of an appeal letter is not easy and often takes a lot of hard-to-find quiet time.

To help with this important fundraising tool, I offer the following writing and communication services:

  1. Written copy for all components of your appeal package, i.e., letter, outside envelope, response card, inserts, lift note, and thank you letter with receipt.
  2. Consultations in developing funding strategies for message and design of appeal package, donor renewal, donor acquisition, and tracking system for fundraising metrics.

For a low-cost way to increase the impact of your fundraising letters, consider using my rewriting services.

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