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Bringing Vision Into Reality

“…Serving during an important time of leadership transition, Pamela worked on a variety of projects…[that] included the development of a new product catalog, a new organization brochure, regular email marketing, and website updates. However, behind all this was her strong leadership ability to facilitate our annual Board retreat and strategic planning process…”

Patricia Frazier, Board President
Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics, Floyd VA

My Key Beliefs About Strategic Planning:

  • Strategic planning is not optional; it holds a foundational role in creating stability and growth for every organization.
  • The planning process must be inclusive, integrating input from representatives of all stakeholders affected by the plan or who have a role in its implementation.
  • Strategic plans should be living documents, reviewed and updated frequently throughout the year.
  • Your strategic plan should be easy to understand and implement.

What My Strategic Planning Services Can Bring:

  • Custom design of a planning process that brings together key stakeholder groups in a cost-effective way
  • Oversight of the planning process to keep it focused and on schedule
  • Objectivity and clarity of organizational issues, goals, strategies, etc.
  • Access to relevant research and information for making informed decisions
  • Facilitation of consensus among stakeholders in the planning process
  • Sensitivity and discretion regarding confidential information
  • Organization of goals and objectives into a well-written, practical strategic plan

What My Services Do Not Include:

  • Being the determining factor in your organization’s mission, vision, goals or implementation activities
  • Taking full responsibility for the development of your strategic plan…It must be a team effort to work!

Designing the Strategic Planning Process

As your consultant, I will work with leadership to customize a strategic planning process that will meet the needs of your organization within a designated timeframe and budget. Most often the planning activities takes place over a three to six month process and include the following stages:

  1. Review of Current Mission, Vision, and Value Statements
  2. Environmental Analysis: SWOT Analysis (Internal) and PEST Analysis (External)
  3. Strategy Formulation: Differentiation Strategies and Focus Strategies
  4. Strategy Implementation: Action Steps with Assignments, Timeline and Budget, and Evaluation Measurements or Standards

Also, during times of accelerated change or when facing an unpredictable future, the strategic planning process may also include “Scenario Planning.”

Helpful Consultation Questions

  • When was the last time your organization under went the strategic planning process?
  • How was your strategic planning process conducted?
  • What is the ideal start and end date for your planning process?
  • What stakeholders should be involved in the planning process?
  • How often is the planning committee able to meet?
  • What role do you want a consultant to play in your organization’s strategic planning process?

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